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Remembering Sacrifices to Celebrate Advances in Rights

As a women owned and operated business, Foundation Consulting, is pausing to reflect on International Women's Day. A day that once cost women their lives and income as they fought for equality around the globe. At the turn of the last century, women fought with everything they had to be recognized as more than property. For a right to vote on laws that directly affected them and their families. Rights to own land, so they wouldn't be homeless if something tragic happened to their spouse or father. Rights for equal pay, so that should the need arise they would be able to support their families on their own.

The fight for equality in all aspects of life for women seems to be an on-going struggle. The stereotypes and prejudices that women face on a daily basis can be overwhelming. An inundation of "right" clothes, "right" makeup, "must have" bags, and "how to keep your partner happy" articles continue to try and shake the foundation our ancestors have built. Decades of double standards, where women needed to work multiple jobs to support their children, but were shamed for not being at home. And even online, when you search for "women's day", it is nothing but a bombardment of women working out, doing yoga, being a mom, or feminine hygiene-products.

Foundation Consulting, is run by women who are wives and mothers. We watched our mothers struggle in the workplace to fight for our rights of equality. Today, we continue the push to make sure that our daughters and sons know that a person's value is not tied to their gender, race, creed, ethnicity, or sexuality. That each person deserves the right to vote, to own their own business, and be paid properly for the work they are doing. The harsh reality is that there is no perfect world. But we can keep taking steps forward to help all those in our path.

120 years ago, women were fighting to be more than property and legally make a living. They protested and striked to make a difference. Thus International Women's Day was born. Today, we must all take a moment to not just post on social media our personal/professional successes and how amazing being a woman is, but also pause and remember all those women and men who fought for us generations ago. Those who risked everything they had to make sure that we had the right to own and run our own businesses. Join us for a reflective moment to thank those women in your life who have led the way, and to make sure that we keep making strides forward for the up and coming generations.

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